How to Activate Partner Program Completely?

1.Login to the partner panel using the username and password at partner website.
2.Payment Gateway Setting : Click on my account( right side top corner)-> Payment Gateway settings (left side Under Shortcut option) ->select Offline (if you do not have online accounts like EBS /CC Avenue, PayUmoney, Instamojo etc) update your bank account details and activate. If you have any payment gateway account, you can integrate that account to your storefront.
3.Manage Products & Prices : Click on my account -> Manage products -> Select the product - Edit the user price and make it active .This price will be displayed on the storefront. By default all user prices will be increased by 10%. The price which cannot be edited is the price which we are charging you for the particular product. In the same way you can activate for your reseller.
4.Promotion Activation : Click on my account ->Promotions -> Scroll down, tick mark on Active for all offers and Show on storefront and click on Save (Both you and customer will be getting discount on products for the first invoice)
Domain Offer : Offer for domain pricing can be activated from the product page itself, from the right side column in the domain page from Manage Product Option.
5.Add Fund : Go to Partner Panel ->Click on my Account ->Billing -> Add fund - > You can add money to the wallet to activate or further resell the product.
6.Order Process :
Go to Storefront URL: Now the customer or you can visit the storefront and place the order and generate the invoice.
1.If the customer has made the payment through payment gateway and if there is adequate fund in the wallet the entire process will be automated and customer's product will be activated automatically.
If the customer had selected the payment option as offline and directly transfers the money to your account, Follow step 7 after the amount is credited to your account.
2.If you are buying the product for personal use, you can select the offline option and generate the invoice and follow step 7.
7.Go to Partner Panel ->Click on My Account -> Customer ->List -> View -> Invoices -> View Invoice -> Pay invoice. The amount which we are charging you, will be deducted from your fund and the customer account will be activated and he will get the account details.
Domain Mapping Process: To point your domain name to Storefront and Partner Panel:

Login to the Partner Panel using the Username and Password
Click on My Account (right side top corner)-> Update website URL (left side Under Shortcut option) -> Enter Storefront URL - your Domain Name, example: - > Enter partner site URL, example : -> Submit
Please follow the below given steps: Go to the Domain Control Panel of domain “*****.com” Then create a cname for your storefront i.e. “” OR for partner site i.e. “”

Create CName Record --

1.Storefront website :

2.Partner website :
If you face any problem to live your website, you can use our NAMESERVER to map the domain. Once changed, please update us so we can can update in our system :
In case you are still confused – Open a ticket and we will help you to map the domain
** The time is base on America/New_York timezone